New CNPS Services

To our Beneficiaries:

As you are aware, you are eligible for the professional liability protection and legal services offered by the CNPS as a benefit of membership in the following professional associations and/or colleges: ARNNL, ARNPEI, CARNA, CRNM, CRNNS, NANB, RNANT/NU, SRNA, CRNBC or YRNA, or through individual access to CNPS protection. We are pleased to inform you of important enhancements to CNPS services. The most important are the following:

 1.  CNPS has recently increased the amount of liability protection available to you should you have to respond to a claim or civil action arising from your professional nursing services.
 2. CNPS has implemented an early intervention program. If warranted, action can be taken to assist you in addressing a serious problem before an action, formal charges or a formal complaint is laid.
 3.  CNPS services now include a pre-contractual review. If you are contemplating entering into a contract for services, CNPS legal advisors will review the proposed contract to help you identify provisions or requirements that may compromise your professional or legal obligations.

For more complete information on the professional liability protection and legal services available from the CNPS, please click here to request a copy of “CNPS: What you need to know”.  In this document, you will find: 

  • an overview of our services
  • a description of recent modifications
  • how to access CNPS services
  • special advice for registered nurses who are self-employed, independent contractors or who provide nursing services through a professional corporation
  • special advice for nurses who are contemplating obtaining commercial professional liability insurance or who may already have this insurance in place
  • information about our recent fee increase

CNPS was created and designed to provide legal support for the registered nurses of Canada. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any other questions regarding the assistance available from CNPS.

NOTE: If you encounter trouble using the link above, please send an email to and mention that you wish to receive a copy of the document "CNPS: What you need to know".  Please note, we will need the following information to process your request:

  • Your full name
  • Your mailing address including postal code
  • Telephone number
  • Your professional nursing association/college (e.g. ARNNL)
  • Your nursing registration number

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