Chief Executive Officer

Message from the CEO

Dear Beneficiary,Chantal Leonard

CNPS was created for you in 1988 by visionary leaders in the nursing profession to ensure that Canadian nurses have the legal support they require when in professional legal jeopardy, the information to comply with their legal obligations and the risk management resources they need to provide high quality professional care to their patients. We are honoured to carry on this mission.

We strive to be for you, in your professional life, all that you are to your patients: your advocate, your support and your resource for highly competent services. You can rely on the fact that our legal assistance and advice are provided to you personally and confidentially.

Our goal is also to keep you abreast of the most recent legal developments and to ensure that you have, at all times, the best legal resources and risk management information available as you strive to do what's right for your patients.

Please contact us promptly if you require legal assistance or if you have any questions regarding your professional obligations.

Chantal Léonard, CEO


Our Chief Executive Officer:

Chantal Léonard is a lawyer and the Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Nurses Protective Society since 2010. Previously, she worked in private practice in the defence of health care professionals and oversaw the defence of health care litigation throughout Canada.  Throughout her career, she has advised health care professionals in matters of health law, professional liability protection and risk management in all aspects of health care.  She has lectured at the University of Ottawa on matters of Health Law in the Masters of Health Administration Program and at the Faculty of Law.

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