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The CNPS provides risk-management educational sessions to nurses so that they can better understand their professional and legal obligations with the goal of providing safe care to patients.

We are currently experiencing an increased interest for presentations and due to the demand we are fully booked until June 2019. We are accepting requests for presentations for the fall of 2019 and 2020 at this time. We require a minimum of 3 months' notice to process requests.

Live Presentations

When the request for a live speaking engagement comes from nurses, CNPS will generally bear the costs incurred for a CNPS lawyer to travel to and stay for the event. Booking of the venue and any related costs are the responsibility of the requestor.

In scheduling a live speaking engagement, the requestor must generally commit to a minimum of 75 CNPS beneficiary attendees. CNPS retains discretion to consider extenuating circumstances and may agree to do a live presentation to fewer than 50 beneficiary attendees.

When the request for a live speaking engagement comes from a health institution, including a health region, the requestor will generally bear the costs incurred for the speaking engagement.

The confirmation deadline for the speaking engagement is 3 weeks prior to the date if air travel is required by CNPS and 2 weeks prior to the date if other forms of travel are used. If the speaking engagement is cancelled by the requestor, CNPS may impose a cancellation fee to recover its costs incurred.

Webcast or Teleconference

The cost of webcasts and teleconferences of CNPS speaking engagements is generally borne by CNPS if the webcast or teleconference is done using products and services owned or licensed to CNPS. If a requestor wants to use its own products and services for the webcast or teleconference and there is an associated cost, the requestor will generally bear the cost.

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Please call CNPS at 1-800-267-3390 for more information.


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