Case Studies & Quizzes

  • Case Study Quiz #1
    Case one highlights some legal issues related to the provision of telephone advice to a family member by a Registered Nurse in an Emergency Department.

  • Case Study Quiz #2
    Case two deals with some of the legal issues arising out of a mismanaged labour and delivery case, and touches upon the relevance in providing care, and of the employer's policies and procedures.

  • Case Study Quiz #3
    Case three addresses some of the legal issues related to informed consent, who should obtain informed consent, and what comprises informed consent, in the context of a nurse working with patients who do not understand English.

  • Case Study Quiz #4
    Case four addresses liability issues faced by a Charge Nurse, when assigning duties to an inexperienced Staff Nurse in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

  • Case Study Quiz #5
    Case five is about the delegation to a registered practical nurse of the duties formerly performed by a community health nurse.

  • Case Study Quiz #6
    Case six deals with legal and ethical issues of operating room nurses, when a foreign body from a previous surgery is discovered inside of a patient.

  • Case Study Quiz #7
    Case seven addresses the legal implications of a computer virus infecting a community health centre's computer system.

  • Case Study Quiz #8
    Case eight examines the potential consequences of failing to follow appropriate facility procedures and of allowing a patient to drive following a day surgery procedure.

  • Case Study Quiz #9
    Case nine examines the dire consequences of a medication transcription error in a paediatric recovery room.

  • Case Study Quiz #10
    Case ten shows how a nurse's inaccurate charting affected the course of a trial and triggered a critical incident review.

  • Case Study Quiz #11
    Case eleven addresses employees accessing personal health records for personal reasons and the subsequent consequences.

  • Case Study Quiz #12
    Case twelve involves a patient with an advanced directive, a grieving substitute decision maker and a nurse's "personal note".

  • Case Study Quiz #13
    In case thirteen, a triage nurse and charge nurse in a pediatric emergency department have to defend allegations of negligence made by bereaved parents.

  • Case Study Quiz #14
    This case involves a post-operative patient who developed an infection while being monitored at home by agency nurses. He sued the agency and the nurses for damages. The case deals with problems involving failure to follow policies and procedures including communication and documentation failures.

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